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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Site’s Policy

The “” website, hereinafter: the “Website” operated by Dr. Supp Ltd., serves as a store for food supplements, nutritional supplements, weight control products and cosmetics for personal use by the public who surf the Internet in Israel, including through sales on the website .

The provisions of this code apply to any use of or purchase made by you on the site, and will constitute the legal basis for any discussion between you and “Dr. Supp Ltd. ‘. Therefore, you are requested / A read rules fully and carefully.

Browse the site and / or purchasing a product And / or the service offered for sale on it, constitutes your consent to accept and act in accordance with the regulations, so if you do not agree to the terms of its terms, you are asked not to make any use of the site.

About sales

“Dr. Supp Ltd.” allows you to purchase supplements, products weight control and cosmetics etc through the site, in a convenient way, fast, easy and attractive prices.

To order a product, register on-site at the beginning or end buying.

Must log To the “Log in” label located at the top of the page and fill in all the fields


The photos displayed on the site for the purpose of illustration only and are non-binding the “Dr. Supp Ltd.”.

Prices and promotions on the site while stocks and / or can be changed by “Dr. Supp Ltd.” unannounced surfer.

It should be clarified and emphasized, mail delivery The electronic does not constitute evidence of the performance of an action and does not obligate “Dr. Supp Ltd.

The registration registered on the computers of “Dr. Supp Ltd.” will constitute conclusive evidence of the correctness of the transactions. There is no refund or credits after purchase unless otherwise decided by the company.  

Delivery / delivery of the products and payment for them

You can receive by delivery any product purchased by you on the website to the address in Israel that you typed when submitting your offer, within 14-1 business days, unless otherwise stated on the website.

The delivery of the products purchased on the site will be made by Dr. Supp Ltd. ‘or by courier company store by the sole discretion of store managers, but there is a possibility the customer to collect the product itself. The fee for delivery / shipping will join to pay for the product and can be canceled for any reason whatsoever.

Payment will be made through Credit card on the website (or by phone) or PAYPAL or BIT or in cash (banknotes). The

delivery times of the products as indicated on the sales page include only the calculation of business days.

Dr. Supp Ltd. will not be liable for any delay or delay in delivery and / or non-delivery caused as a result of force majeure and / or events beyond the control of Dr. Supp Ltd.

The delivery of the products is conditional on their availability in the store / manufacturer / importer’s inventory. If a product that is out of stock has been ordered, a compatible / replacement product will be provided by appointment only and in advance with the customer.

Cancellation of an order

Cancellation of an order before it is sent will involve a handling fee of 10% of the order value or NIS 100, whichever is higher.
This amount is non-refundable. Kosher to use the site Any user may participate in the site to make purchases : 1. the user is fit to perform legally binding. If you are a minor (under 18) or you are not eligible to perform legal acts without the consent of a guardian, will see the use of the site as if you received the approval of the Administrator. 2. the user is a valid Israeli ID card or corporation Legally incorporated and registered in Israel 3. The user has a valid Israeli or international credit card, issued in Israel by one of the credit card companies. 4. The user has an e-mail box on the Internet and has an address in Israel.

 Privacy Statement

In order to complete the purchase, the customer must provide his personal details, name, company name, ID card and / or HF, address, email address and credit card number. to complete the process of buying for the purpose of delivery of items and the credit card charge, we undertake not to transfer them to third parties, except for the credit card company.


a. Dr. Supp Ltd. (the “Company”) is responsible to the nature of the products if it is used in accordance with the instructions for use , For the specified period (hereinafter – the warranty period (which is 30 days.
However, the warranty for each type of product for its specific conditions depends on the manufacturer / importer. The warranty period begins on the day of purchase.

B. During the warranty period he will replace, free of charge, a product At its sole discretion.

c.  If the product does not exist or its production is stopped, the warranty giver will give another product of monetary equivalent (in the range of 10%) to the defective product. 

  Warranty The warranty is towards the original customer and is not transferable to a third party. Warranty will be given only with the purchase invoice


Warranty Limitation

1. The company is not responsible for consequential or circumstantial damage or loss of profit directly or  indirectly related to  the product.
2. There is no obligation on the part of the company regarding the adaptation of the product to a specific purpose.


Customer service

Any questions regarding the products displayed on the website, including questions regarding product information, warranty, can be contacted by “Dr. Supp Ltd.”
For more details regarding the website and its activities, you can contact “Dr. Supp Ltd. “by e-mail 

Customer service representatives will be happy to be at your service with any question regarding the purchase process and any other issue in order to make the purchase experience more pleasant and quick and easy.

The Terms and Conditions were last updated on 28/06/2021 and are subject to change at any time by Dr. Supp Ltd., at its sole discretion.
Wherever in these regulations the use of masculine pronouns, the meaning of feminine also means.  

Fun visit! Staff of Dr. Supp Ltd.